Why Work Wise? Because working with us means - reducing CO². Maintenance costs and frequency. It is a new technology of surface application, tested & certified!

Insulation & Fire Protection & Air-purifying & Self-cleaning & Reducing noise & UV-protection are some benefits by using coating system we provide. Excellent Lifetime and Quality of products are reducing maintenance frequencies.
Wall Panels - Cleaning

Every coating system got their own characteristics. For wall-panels we use the transparent coating! Benefits? Lifetime of surface will increase. UV-damage will be more less and increase the lifetime of color. No organics, dust or dirt is able to connect to surface! Every rain will wash it down!

The coating systems are providing cold, hot, noise and fire protection. Especially for areas you are not able to apply insulation or heat-tracing. Air-purifying and self-cleaning is a benefit too. More safety through fire resistance! 

Safe Touch! Our coating system is providing safe areas where required. Hot pipes or other hot construction parts can force combustions. Our coating system is reducing risks and CO² by keeping the temperature where supposed to be.  

We are able to plan projects more efficient. The reason is, knowing procedures and timeframes of different services as NDT, Blast and Paint, Scaffolding and more. We have personnel working for more than 30 years in the field. Combining these aspects and practical experiences will give you an exact planning and realisation of your projects.

Work Wise is thinking green by providing new technologies, products and green services. What is Green Maintenance? Surface care, blasting and painting can be done in a green way by collecting grid and old paint! Most over side paint & blast works are polluting  our sea by not collecting waste.


Work Wise is collecting old paint and parts to prevent pollution to the sea. Reducing micro plastic in environment through waste management. Efficient maintenance planning will reduce costs and Co²!


1. Exact calculation & cost control

2. Efficient planning & installation

a. Total Access Solution 

b. Total Surface Solution

c. Total Project Solution 

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