Portfolio of Services (Shipbuilding)

Blade repair - weather protection - elastic surface

With a market share of 40%, the Meyer shipyard is the largest cruiser manufacturer worldwide. The list of world-famous luxury liners which have been built in the dockyards of Papenburg is a long one.

Thanks to the positive experience gained from preceding projects, the Meyer shipyard assigned Phereclus with the complete work on ship varnishing and corrosion protection concerning the exterior and interior of the AIDA Stella S695. Our services ranged from derusting – including grinding and radiating, beveling, spackling, cleaning, arranging and re-arranging, stripe coat, varnishing – to specialized works such as varnishes for submarine means or spackling on deck.
During a project of such magnitude, the actual work on a ship is preceded by detailed scheduling, efficient procurement of material, appropriate corrosion protection and the most flexible personnel planning. In the course of the project, teams of 10 to 120 employees were on duty. Such an extreme range of workers could be realized without any difficulties thanks to our flexible personnel planning and so we were able to react optimally to bottlenecks during the building phase. At that point, our close integration into the construction of the ship was of tremendous help: in that way we were involved in all discussions, project designs, construction phase adjustments and alterations.
While there had been involved several different enterprises in the construction of such mammoth projects in the past, all works of ship varnishing and corrosion protection concerning the AIDA Stella S695 were done by one single external company, namely Phereclus, for the very first time – a significant act of faith for us and a special recognition of the quality of our work and service.
Project planning: Requirement analysis and feasibility check | Selection of the corrosion protection procedure (preparation and coating procedures) | Project calculation | Ongoing project management | Permanent quality control | Audited, approval procedures
Corrosion protection: Preparation of surface | Abrasive blasting | Damp blasting | High pressure washing | Sanding | Smoothing/filling
Development of the corrosion protection system: Airless coating | Thick-layer coating | Compressed air-spraying | Electrostatic spraying | Hot spraying procedure | Powder coating | Zinc spraying/metalising
Finishing: Subsequent varnishing of GRP | Sanding | Smoothing/filling | Repetition of the previous working steps, until the required finish has been achieved | Undercoat | Premium varnishing to fulfill the highest standards

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