Self-cleaning surfaces in short!

The WWP ProTherm ISO-X, CUI-X, dB-X surfaces are equipped with a transparent photocatalytic titanium dioxide finish. Specifically formulated for enhanced capacities towards air purification and with self-cleaning effects, they reduce all kind of pollutants – organic as well as inorganic – in the presence of SUN- or VISIBLE light. This way, they actually improve air quality both in- and outdoors. The finish actively removes stains from surfaces and digests unwanted odours. Also pollen and viruses will be removed. A tree in your rooms? Of course! The coatings combine TiO2 active in visible light with a special binder, which is unique to TiO2 coatings. As a result, 90m² of TiO2 coated surface equals the air filtering capacity of 7 full-grown trees!

WWP-ProTherm - Overview and Suitability for the onshore and offshore industry 

Our coating product line will be tested at the moment with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Lifetime of virus on surface approximately 20 minutes. That means, risk of infection and risk of contact with virus on surfaces can be reduced with amazing results. 

The All In One Coating System will provide you the best solution for your surfaces! The fire proof coating is tested up to 1500 C and makes critical areas more safe for all involved parties. 

The correct installation will provide you the expecting result and duration!

WWP-Solar. The solar panel output improving coating.

WWP-Nano Corrosion Passivator. Our series of long-lasting corrosion protectors without the need for chipping or blasting.

WWP-Protect. Our series of sealants that can restore or add almost very quality you want to add to a material. Any material.


nadiCare® series of photocatalytic self-cleaning and air purifying coatings.

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Corrosion protection: Preparation of surface | Abrasive blasting | Damp blasting | High pressure washing | Sanding | Smoothing/filling
Development of the corrosion protection system: Airless coating | Thick-layer coating | Compressed air-spraying | Electrostatic spraying | Hot spraying procedure | Powder coating | Zinc spraying/metalising
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