TA 2201 - Photo catalytically active coating for glass for self-cleaning, air purification and algae control.

TA 2202 - Photo catalytically active coating for plastics for self-cleaning, air purification and germ prevention.

TA 2203 - Photocatalytically active coating for metals for self-cleaning, air purification and germ prevention.

TA 2204 - Photo catalytically active coating for ceramics for self-cleaning, algae prevention and air purification.

TA 2205 - Photo catalytically active coating for ceramics for self-cleaning, algae prevention and air purification.

TA 2206 - Photo catalytically active coating (indoor use) for the protection of surfaces against germs of any kind.

TA 2207 - Photo catalytically active coating (outdoor use) for self-cleaning, algae prevention and air purification.

TA 2210 - Photo catalytically active coating for solar glass for self-cleaning and prevention of biofilms.

TA 2211 - Photo catalytically active coating for glass, glazed tiles and ceramics (industrial processing only).


TA 2216 - Mold protection Monopiles

Photo catalytically active coating for

mould protection (indoor use).

TA 2219 - Photo catalytically active coating for air-cleaning and odour neutralisation (indoor use)

TA 2221 - Primer for all plain and non-absorbent organic surfaces.

TA 2227 - Photo catalytically active coating (outdoor use) for self-cleaning, algae prevention and air purification.

Fighting back! It is a hard time for all of us. Because of rising population, not only Corona will have an impact on our future and industry. 

WWP-TA Coatings

With WWP-TA Coatings we will provide more clean and safe areas. Especially hospitals, retirement homes, daycares, schools, fitness studios, your workplace and private households.

Air-Purifying, Self-Cleaning, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)  will be destroyed! Clean air in the offices, toilets and kitchens by using these products. 

Work Wise is always looking for new inventions, products and cooperation partners. We are proud to be the first company to apply these products. Training and knowing procedures makes us to a certified company to apply these products. Reducing CO2!  Clean and healthy areas! 

At the nanoscale the physical and chemical properties of matter change. Take graphite, for example. This is fairly abundant and most of us use it every single day. It Is good for writing, it is silver, shiny and leaves residue. Not so interesting. But at the atomic level, the nano level, graphite becomes graphene. Which, contrary to how we see graphite, is absolutely extraordinary! Graphene is one of the strongest materials on earth while still being flexible, impermeable and being one of the best thermal as well as electrical conductors all while being the thinnest material ever! It is only one atom thick! To put it into perspective, for every millimeter of graphite there are 3 million layers of graphene.

No Blasting required

What’s even more amazing is that graphene is only one of millions of possibilities! Scientists and engineers have been designing and engineering materials at the nanoscale by rearranging atoms in a certain order for advantageous properties. This is called nano -technology. To put how small the scale they are working at into perspective a little bit, a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, which is 100 000x smaller than a human hair! A nanocube is the same ratio to an eye as an eye is to the entire earth!

If you don't know how to apply, Work Wise will take care of procedure and quality applying these products. We are certified and trained to apply these new technology! If you need more detailed informations, please contact Work Wise. 

Working with Work Wise will make your projects succeed!

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Worldwide contracting & project management




Our renowned company is worldwide known for knowledge and experience. We are 24/7 available and supply qualified manpower on short term. We apply strict selection procedures and our employees are multi-skilled.


Our new coating system is solving the mold issues in monopiles. The application prevent the connection of organic parts to surface. That means, equipment and electrical parts will have longer duration. Personnel don't get sick while working inside of monopiles. We are certified to apply new technology.

Maintenance in a running process!
We know efficient maintenance and service supply!

We are providing for more than 12 years excellent personnel for the Oil & Gas, Marine & Wind 

industry, onshore and offshore worldwide. Our strength is experience, quality and efficient work.

Commissioning & Decommissioning

Realizing projects in an efficient way by providing experienced labour, following procedures and assisting clients with our knowhow, experience and professional implementation.  Work Wise will always be a trustable long term partner making your projects succeed.

Work Wise delivered the first Walk2Work Vessel Crew in the North Sea Dutch sector. Rem Mermaid was the first Walk2Work Vessel with the OAS System. More than 7 years pimping up platforms for GDF, called now Neptunes. 

Cooperation - Teambuilding - Trust - Transparence - Quality

Team Building is today conceived of as a key factor for the success of a company, in order to keep the economic success of a company and to improve. 

In contrast to the individual promotion by means of a Bonus program, "employee of the month" or similar competition-enhancing measures, the team building the We-feeling and creates it, by the way, to minimize more employee satisfaction, and job turnover.

The WE includes the Actions of all towards a common goal. In contrast to the single fighter who uses his Knowledge in a profitable way for themselves, due to common objectives of a knowledge transfer among the employees and community quality assurance, the leave in the Absence of individual employees and any Know-How gaps.

Tangible goals that are timely, achievable and measurable, are an important basis for the team formation, the progress and the costs remain manageable. In addition to the common objectives of transparency and open communication so that problems and target fixes collaboratively with target-oriented measures.

In addition, an optimization of the skills of the Individual and the group. Note worthy is the intended identification of the employees with the own task as well as the organization and its goals. Team building is a continuous process of steady leadership. Review, analysis and action determination be made regularly, in order to promote team spirit and the framework for all of the voices are, and will remain. The benefits of team training, a positive work climate and creation of trust-based cooperation, as well as the elimination of dissatisfaction within the team. Be promoted by cooperation and team spirit to increase work efficiency within the team and between employees and team leaders.

Inspection & Maintenance Crane Boom  - Work Wise Projecten B.V.

Experience makes Quality

Safe access to all areas! Work Wise always will have the right answer on your requirements. Experience, safety and quality makes us to a leading company for maintenance worldwide.

Realizing projects on short request with the best result for our clients.

Work Wise offers its services at highly competitive rates, without compromising on quality or professionalism.

After ten years of operating within Europe, since January 2009 we have been expanding our activities worldwide. Work Wise has been engaged in the placement and secondment of personnel in the petrochemical industry since 1998.


We are therefore well-positioned to deliver optimal services, much to the satisfaction of our clients with whom we enjoy long-standing working relationships.

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