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Efficient Corrosion Protection will provide long duration of steel parts & structures. Storage tanks for example hold various types of products and some are more corrosive than others. The key to corrosion protection is to adequately review your tank (parts, structures) and its contents to ensure a safe operational life. This can be done using NACE consultants or properly qualified personnel we provide. Corrosion is caused by 4 components:

1. An anode - anodic reaction
2. A cathode - cathodic reaction
3. An electrolyte - contact with anode & cathode 
4. Metallic path - electrical connection between anode and cathode

Work Wise
Project planning: Requirement analysis and feasibility check | Selection of the corrosion protection procedure (preparation and coating procedures) | Project calculation | Ongoing project management | Permanent quality control | Audited, approval procedures
Corrosion protection: Preparation of surface | Abrasive blasting | Damp blasting | High pressure washing | Sanding | Smoothing/filling
Development of the corrosion protection system: Airless coating | Thick-layer coating | Compressed air-spraying | Electrostatic spraying | Hot spraying procedure | Powder coating | Zinc spraying/metalising
Finishing: Subsequent varnishing of GRP | Sanding | Smoothing/filling | Repetition of the previous working steps, until the required finish has been achieved | Undercoat | Premium varnishing to fulfill the highest standards

Work Wise is providing different kinds of coating systems for the industry. For example high temperature coatings,

metal repair (touch-up), corrosion protection, concrete repair & protection, Anti-Slip system and thermal coatings.

- Surface preparation and application including  scaffolding or Rope Access. 

- Providing encapsulation (protection against wind and rain).

- Waste Management 

- Blade Repair and Blade Inspection

- Quality Control Corrosion Engineer by
FROSIO L3 Inspector 

- Experienced personnel and efficient work method 

- Dust free blasting tool and 

Work Wise

Offshore & Onshore Coatings & Surface Treatments

Windturbines op Water
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