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Offshore & Onshore Scaffolding & Equipment 

Work Wise is meeting all legal requirements to erect safe scaffolding and supply first class and tailor-made work. Scaffolding is one of the most risky work. Our quality and safety management, high qualified and multi-skilled employees with long experience gives us an incident & accident free result from 2011 – 2021.

Work Wise Commissioning

Successful commissioning works BorWin Gamma - TenneT Platform 2018. Providing safe access and working platforms including encapsulation works for welding and painting. The scaffold construction survived hard storms and high waves. Thanks to our experienced, good trained and certified personnel, knowing for many years the tricky North Sea and their job! We are proud to be a part bringing Green Energy further. 

Work Wise Construction
Scaffolds for Blast & Paint, FFLB, Cable Pulling, Deck Extension, Outage, Crane, Drains, Encapsulation .....

Work Wise is an environment friendly company following rules and recent standards. Pollution to the sea through

blasting and painting, grid and different kinds of leaking

can be prevent with a closed stabil working platform.

For that kind of scaffold we are using netting & shrink tarpaulin to prevent the environment pollution. Also welding activities or painting activities can be done in a dry and warm condition.

Work Wise Deck Extension

Materials - we can supply every kind of scaffolding material. In the on & offshore sector we are using traditional scaffold material, Layher steel and Layher aluminium. 

Engineering department
or complex scaffolding we are providing external engineering department to get the maximum efficiency and safety to our clients. For example encapsulated scaffolds. 

TenneT - BorWin Alpha - Deck Extension - BWB Connection

Lift-able shelter for vessel - Flexible, dry & warm
Liftable Roof Shelter Work Wise
Removable Roof - Maintenance

can carry out during the working process without losing time and costs. Specially for vessels - cleaning tanks, blasting and painting tanks, steelwork & inspections. Flexible as water!
Work Wise Liftable Shelter

& paint work can carry out in bad weather conditions. The roof of the shelter is removable. Perfect for lifting operations within the shelter. Smart and safe solution, all is possible.  If not give a sign.
Work Wise Shelter for Construction Works and Painting
Dry & Warm Working Conditions
We always will have the right answer on your requirements.  No dry-dock no berth. Maintenance in a running process, that is the future we will provide to our Clients.
Not possible? Not for us!
Hanging Scaffold 24m - Maintenance
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