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Walk 2 Work Vessel

Work Wise is since 1998 active in the petrochemical on & offshore sector including heavy lifting vessels and global production platforms.


The European Standard, BS EN 12811-1, NASC, VSB (Steiger Richtlijnen) and UEG specifies performance requirements and methods of structural and general design for access and working scaffolds.


Work Wise works according to these procedures to create a safe and stable working platform.   

We have extensive files of certified personnel available for all disciplines. We guarantee to deliver first class and tailor-made work in accordance to all quality and safety requirements.


For complex scaffolding we have our own engineering department and we do have our own controlled supplier for scaffolding materials.

WEB Deck provides a solid and stable working platform which feels like scaffolding. Users are able to carry out a variety of heavy work tasks off the deck as if it were scaffolding.


The system is suitable for many work areas including helidecks, rigs, bridges and pipe racks. Each installation is fully engineered to the load requirement of a project and the structure it is rigged from.

Work Wise is providing smart solutions for on- and offshore maintenance and repair projects. Gas & oil rigs, wind farms, industry and vessels. We design, engineer, manufacture, repair, install, commission and coordinate for large-scale offshore maintenance and repair projects.

Rope Access technique makes it able to perform work at heights or in confined spaces. We offer rope access for maintenance of painting, leak repair, placing cables, UV-Protections, helideck drains and much more. With rope access support, we can perform visual and photo inspection of platforms.


The advantage of this technique has proven itself unlimited times. It’s rewarding in ways of great safety records, efficiency and reducing time and costs.

Prevent corrision! Weather conditions and human labor on the workfloor will effect the painting & coating structure, so maintenance is extremely important to keep the platform safe and 100% workable. We will handle this for you in all circumstances. - Global Website | © Work Wise B.V. 1998 – 2020 | Corporate Information | Privacy Policy