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References & Projects 

Work Wise Projecten is realizing projects worldwide as strong partner for the onshore and offshore industry for our clients. Experience in Gas & Oil, Marine and Wind Energy will provide efficient project results. Below you will find different kind of projects Work Wise Projecten realized in the past. Please respect that we cannot show all projects.

Commissioning BorWin Gamma


Providing personnel, scaffold equipment, rigging equipment, welding & grinding tools, encapsulation, Plan B CrownNest!

Stabil scaffold construction even with high waves. We know the North Sea for many years. Providing logistics and custom clearances, IMO declaration in cooperation with Rhenus Logistics.  Thanks to all involved parties.  

Offshore Scaffolding.png

DolWin Beta Platform, the most powerful converter platform in the world. Great to be a part of bringing Green Energy further. Thank you to our client´s making this possible.  

Activities: Scaffolding, Rope Access, Cable Pulling and Cable Placing, Electrician, Cable labeling - marking, cable roll equipment, cleaning, Fire Guards, Crane Operator, cleaning, Safety Watch Man, encapsulation (tent construction painting). Crane scaffold erection for rigging positioning Oil Water Cooler. Good Teamwork and professional personnel. Cooler exchange with scaffold crane (trolley).  

Offshore Services Work Wise.jpg

Dolwin BETA - Tennet

Offshore Services Work Wise.jpg
Offshore Services Work Wise

Dolwin Alpha - Tennet

Providing project teams and individual personnel for the DolWin Alpha platform including equipment and reporting. Additional training`s and certification´s to support our clients in best way.  

Work Wise Projecten is providing Work Packages, Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Toolbox (safety) Meeting to minimize the risks may raise up in the project. Always expect the unexpected! 

Activities: Scaffolding, Rope Access, Welding & Grinding, Tuch-Up Repairs, Cable Pulling and Cable Placing, Electrician, Cable labeling - marking, cable roll equipment, cleaning & painting, Fire Guards, Crane Operator, Wall panel, cleaning, Safety Watch Man, encapsulation, paint inspection and more ....  

Rope Access Work Wise.jpg
Offshore Scaffolding
Offshore Scaffolding
Offshore Scaffolding
Hanging Scaffold 24m

BorWin Alpha - Tennet

Rope Access and Scaffolding for maintenance works - crane, fire dampers & detectors, placing cable tray´s and cables, UV protection, equipment supply, stair towers, inspections, deck extension connection BorWin Beta and more.....   

Offshore Scaffolding
Team building copy 2.png

Start in Wind Energy

Work Wise Projecten was starting in 2009 providing scaffolding service to TenneT platform´s in Germany. BorWin Alpha was the first Converter Station HVDC. At the pictures you can see commissioning work for Sylwin platform. Safe access in the rough North Sea on Spider Deck. Lift able scaffold constructions. It is a big change and difference working on gas & oil or wind energy platforms. More silence, less gas in environment, no ex-proof tools, less risk and pollution.   

Speciaal steiger.jpg

Total Scaffold solution

Once scaffold is tagged, it is part of the platform and can be used by required personnel where and when required. Complete platform was maintained, construction works (drains & supports, electrical works, tubing`s, scaffolding, blast and paint. Combining different teams to realize projects in efficient way. 12 POB including PMC, Platform Operator and Deck Hand. 


Not everybody can handle the North Sea, specially when you have to stay  on vessel. 


Scaffold deck extension

Deck space is limited on satellites and in some cases we had to extend. Safe scaffold access for construction and paint works. Work Wise did also provide a scaffold Deck Extension to provide more space on platform. For example scaffold equipment storage (over side) or other platform equipment`s.  

Encapsulation Construction WWP.jpg

Lift-able Encapsulation  SHL OLEG Construction 

Professional shelter, encapsulation solution for surface and construction works on heavy lifting vessel in a running process. Shelter had multi function option. Total lifting, replacing of tent construction for welding works (prefabrication). Roof of shelter was able to open for mobilizing big parts into the shelter. Time saving by competence.  

WWP Shelter 3
Work Wise RA.JPG

ENGIE - Boot landing

Boot Landings for Offshore Access Solution System (OAS) needs to be placed for access crewing vessel - platform on several satellites in the North Sea for example K12 Delta, L10 Mike, L10 Fox and more. Rope Access Rigging & Positioning by competent and experienced team. Access method is changed over so many years and nice to see the options we have now available. All boat landings were placed for the REM Mermaid projects with a total duration of 7 years. Walk2Work Vessel projects are increasing once understood the benefits. Supply vessel, rescue MOB Team, prefabrication on vessel, mobility between the WTG´s and more ...  


Seaway heavy Lifting

Delivering personnel & equipment to Seaway Heavy Lifting (OLEG & YUDIN) from 2008 to 2016. Erection was on short notice done within 7 days! Management and Personnel makes it possible! Work Wise Crewing and equipment for scaffolding activities worldwide. Up to date with all regulations and certifications will provide a good process. Decommissioning & Commissioning work, we know efficient solutions to make your projects succeed. Engineering, Equipment & Personnel for crane boom inspection. Including lifting option for crane boom spare parts and equipment`s. Quick and safe solution by knowing your job!


REM Mermaid 2008

Work Wise was delivering personnel & equipment to Gaz de France working  on the first Walk2Work Vessel with the OAS System REM Mermaid! Pimping up platforms (Scaffolding, Painting, Construction work).
Not everybody is suitable for working on vessel. Getting seasick is a big issue in the North Sea and not easy to find Offshore Tigers able to handle! 


12 man team was working on the platforms. Scaffolder, Rope Access, Painters, Electrician and construction team. Teamplay and experienced personnel makes the difference!

Worldwide activities in the Petrochemical industries, Oil & Gas industries, FPSO, Energy industries, Shipyards and Vessels, Wind farms, Telecom Applications and Food processing industries makes us to an experienced high educated company. We always will have the answer on your requirements by finding the best solution.  

Work Wise Projecten


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Offshore Scaffolding
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