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Our Cabins benefit a project with improving Health & Safety whilst reducing staff risk and increasing project productivity. And above all, it will save costs:

  • Improve Health & Safety

  • Reduce Staff Risk

  • Increase Project Productivity

How the C-Rental Crew Support Cabin can benefit your project:

The C-Rentals Crew Support Cabin can benefit any project by offering compliance with the Health and Safety at Work according to the Arbocatalogus Wind Energiebedrijven (ACW), whilst increasing productivity.

During project scheduling, the lost time caused by climbing the ladder to and from the assets is not considered but has a remarkable effect.



The cabin measures 1 X 1.2 X 2.2 Mtr and runs on 230V.


The First aid cabin includes:

  • HEKA First aid kit

  • Spencer shell brancard

  • Original brancard lifting spider

  • Eyewash station

  • Plaster dispenser

  • Fire extinguisher

  • fuse box

  • Lighting

  • Wall outlets


In addition to these items you can select:

  • Microwave

  • 60L Fridge

  • AED

In case of medical needs, our first aid cabin has everything which is necessary to provide first aid and prepare the employee for a safe evacuation. For the needs of the inner person of your staff, the cabin can obtain some of the comforts from home.



The cabin measures 1X1.2X2.2Mtr and runs on 230V.

The sanitary cabin includes:

  • Incinerating toilet

  • Toilet inserts

  • Toilet paper

  • lighting

  • Fuse box

In addition to these items you can select:

  • Small sink with a loose water tank

Our sanitary cabin can provide your staff with a private space to go to the bathroom. Our unique selling point is the incinerating toilet, which leaves nothing else behind than a little bit of sterile compost. With our sanitary cabin, there is no need for drainage, water storage, chemicals and a septic tank.
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